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I remember several people, both whom I know in real life and whose blogs I perused on the internet, mention that they thought Stonehenge was overrated.  That you arrive at this random site in rural England near a canola field and it is just as the pictures tell you, a circle of rocks.  What’s the big deal? Our bus tour gave us half an hour to walk around the mysterious rocks that have puzzled archaeologists for decades, circling it to see the stones from every angle.  Due to pedestrian tread leading to problems with the ground being uneven and potentially affecting the future of the stones, we were unable to go right up into them. Perhaps a seemingly random assortment of enormous boulders isn’t your cup of tea aesthetically, but it’s amazing to think of the history; how, in a time when technology was so limited, these boulders were able to be dragged from whence they came to this particular middle-of-nowhere.  That actually a good portion of the stones are embedded in the ground – …

London: The Ultimate 6 Day Itinerary, Part 1

While London is a huge city whose sheer number of sites and activities require multiple visits, you can get a lot of the major sightseeing done in a short time if you plan accordingly.  In 2012, my family and I took advantage of a cheap round trip flight deal to London Gatwick Airport, so we flew there for six full days before returning home to Canada on the seventh day.  If you’re the type of person who wants to see as many things as you can in the shortest time possible, and don’t mind a “go go go!” schedule, then follow this itinerary that I created for my family’s trip.