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Mythical Lava Fields in Iceland

Somewhere amidst the chunks of moss-covered lava rock is, supposedly, the homes of the huldufolk, or mythical elves.  Travellers are advised to never kick lava rocks in case it’s an elf stone and you get cursed. Elves only make themselves visible to the people who they want to see them, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen any elves, but there is a certain quality of mythology present in the formation of these landscapes themselves.  On land and from above, the landscape is otherworldly, like it came from a fairy tale or an alien planet.  And this place even casts a spell on the visitor, since my thoughts have been filled with nothing but Iceland ever since I returned.

Eruption at Holuhraun

My life has felt like a volcano about to burst these past few weeks, which is why I’ve abstained from blogging or posting pictures.  I return now after the ash has settled – the eruption at the Holuhraun lava field has ended, and so have at least some of my stressors. Before I got into the swing of Iceland Airwaves, I decided to book a sightseeing flight from Reykjavik that would fly over the south coast all the way to Vatnajökull National Park, which is Europe’s largest glacier and also the home of the Holuhraun lava fields, where the eruption of 2014 was occurring. By the time I visited in November, the lava wasn’t shooting up as high into the sky as some pictures had led me to believe it would, but the hardened lava stretched to an area of 70 square kilometres, making it Iceland’s largest lava flow since 1783.  Having never seen an active volcano in my life, I jumped at the chance to fly above it in a tiny plane with just …