IMG_4852My name is Arielle Demchuk, and I’m a Canadian writer and editor. Though I was born with a keen sense of curiosity and adventure, I did not get on my first plane or leave the country until I was 12 years old. It wasn’t until I was almost 17, after a school trip to France and Spain, that I knew that, if nothing else, travelling (and writing) was what I would spend my life doing, or working towards doing.

Since that fateful trip,  I’ve made it my goal to discover somewhere new every year.  I’ve since visited New York City twice, explored San Francisco, wandered through Montreal twice, gone to France and Spain on a school trip, studied abroad in France, loitered in a German airport, drank my way through Belgium, and toured around London and its surrounding area.  In 2013, I went to Peru and explored the southern half of the country for three weeks, which included checking off a major bucket list item by hiking the Inca trail.  I took two separate trips to Iceland in 2014, the first to discover my roots and attend a Writers Retreat, and the second to attend the incomparable Iceland Airwaves music festival. And in 2015, I took a romantic road trip across Spain and Portugal.

In 2016, I uprooted my life for a six month solo journey across South America – or, as my mother called it, my “going all Cheryl Strayed in Wild” trip. I’ve been back for a few months now and am still trying to process what it all meant.

In comparison to some people I know, I feel like I haven’t really been anywhere, or have only scratched a really small surface of this world.  But the film Waking Life taught me that “The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving.”  So here’s to new adventures, and never settling for what’s comfortable.


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