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The Dog of Bruges

“If you look upwards to the left, you will see the resident dog of Bruges!”

“Als je omhoog kijkt naar links, zal je de hond van Brugge te zien!”

“Si vous regardez à gauche, vous verrez le chien de Bruges!”

Our trilingual canal tour operator guided our sight lines to the dog hanging his head out the window of a nearby home.  The dog spends his days looking outward from his windowsill, and will only occasionally leave to have food or water, or go outside to relieve itself.  Perhaps the dog is like me, and just has a hard time taking its eyes off of the beauty of the Bruges canal, small waves creasing outwards from our little motor boat as we navigate the water channels of one of the best preserved medieval cities in all Europe.

Check out my Flickr page for more photos of Belgium.

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