Month: August 2014

Playlist – 23

Today is my 24th birthday.  So I decided to make a playlist of 23 amazing songs that were released in the time I was 23, August 25, 2013-August 24, 2014.   These are all songs I knew about during that time as well, and was repeatedly listening to throughout my 23rd year of existence.

Adventures In Your Own Backyard – A Summer Day in Edmonton

As evidenced by my last post, I’m an advocate of getting out and travelling on your own because it’s just as good, if not better, than travelling in a group. But what about exploring your own city? Here’s where the hypocrisy sets in – I very rarely go out and do things within my home city of Edmonton without the company of one or more people. I have a good group of family and friends who I can always pull a plus one out of when it comes to attending various events or outings in the city. That’s not to say I never do things alone; I go grocery shopping alone, and I’ve gone to a mall to go shopping alone once or twice.