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Playlist – Iceland Nostalgia

I know 5 people from various walks of life who are all in Iceland right now – if you know anything about me or have read anything on this blog, you know that Iceland is where I’d rather be right now too.

So for today’s Music Monday, I made a playlist of 21 songs by contemporary Icelandic artists (some in English, some in Icelandic), and are songs that I think really capture a lot of the Icelandic cultural and music scene.

Track List:

  1. Go Do – Jónsi
  2. Born to be Free – Borko
  3. Young Boys – Sin Fang
  4. Your Stories – Parachutes
  5. Underwater Snow – Múm
  6. Before – Vök
  7. Horfid – Lay Low
  8. This Heart – Bloodgroup
  9. Viltu Vitrast – Samaris
  10. Saeglopur – Sigur Rós
  11. American – FM Belfast
  12. Birthday – Sugarcubes
  13. Qween – Retro Stefson
  14. King and Cross – Ásgeir
  15. Boy 1904 -Jónsi and Alex
  16. Dance – Sóley
  17. I Sing I Swim – Seabear
  18. Tomarum – For A Minor Reflection
  19. Old Skin – Ólafur Arnalds
  20. Joga – Björk
  21. Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

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