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Playlist – Reminds Me of Home

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the concept of home means to me – whether it’s a feeling, a place, a mood, a person or a group of people. It was Canada Day last week, my first Canada Day actually spent in the city where I grew up in a long time.

So for this week’s Music Monday playlist, I’ve decided to make a playlist about my home province Alberta – songs that are about Alberta, or just make me feel like I’m in Alberta, the province where I was born and that still has a hold of me as a physical home.

Track List:

  1. Alberta – Goldmund
  2. A Snowflake – Peter Broderick
  3. Glockenspiel Song – Dog is Dead
  4. Summer Light – The Cave Singers
  5. City Lights Cry – Armistice
  6. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
  7. Golden – My Morning Jacket
  8. The North – Stars
  9. Home (RAC Mix) – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  10. Wakin on a Pretty Day – Kurt Vile
  11. Churchill Square – Christian Hansen and the Autistics
  12. On My Way Back Home – Band of Horses
  13. Landlocked – Fanfarlo
  14. Winter – The Dodos
  15. O’River – The Horse Thieves
  16. Calgary – Bon Iver
  17. Frank, AB – The Rural Alberta Advantage
  18. Kid You’ll Move Mountains – Caribou
  19. This Empty Northern Hemisphere – Gregory Alan Isakov
  20. Winter Prayers – Iron & Wine
  21. In A Northern Sky – Fossil Collective

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